As a teacher turned filmmaker, follow me on my journey of writing books about issues in the K-12 public education system.  My future books will include issues such as tracking, social promotion, phonics vs. whole-language instruction, the need for afternoon recess, English language acquisition, the Asian model minority myth, advanced placement classes, and more.

School Dismissed: Walking Away From Teaching

In the book, Stacie describes why she left the teaching profession. She shares some of the challenges that she faced during her teaching career.  Stacie noticed a pattern over the years that some students suffered from trauma beyond her classroom management skills.  In addition, the school culture traumatized or re-traumatized students.  Many teachers are not trained in mental health and trauma.  The book raises awareness about the issue so that both students and teachers can receive the help that they desperately need.  Trauma can impact the teacher’s ability to teach.  As a result, some teachers feel powerless because many administrators do not address their needs.  As a result, many teachers flee the profession.

Pg. 34 from School Dismissed

“I learned that my problems in the classroom were beyond my classroom management skills.  I needed help.  Many of the teachers needed help.  The kids needed help, and we weren’t getting any help.  Everyday I would go home and reflect on how I could have improved that day.  I would selfishly try to figure out a plan for this student or that students, not solely for the student’s sake, but so that I too could have a decent day,

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