Stacie McClam


What inspired Stacie and her journey? 


Stacie McClam is an educator, author, and filmmaker.  She is the founder of School Dismissed, a film production company that bridges education, film, and law.  Her films inspire rage for systemic change.  Stacie is the bestselling author of School Dismissed: Walking Away From Teaching where she describes why she left the teaching profession.  She was a producer for a feature-length documentary called Bar Daddy: The Al Jenkins Story which premiered in March 2023. Stacie was the host of Teacher Talks on TRIBE Family Channel for 3 seasons.

As a teacher with 10 years experience in various elementary schools in Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles County, and abroad in Japan and Kuwait, Stacie noticed a pattern over the years that many young students experienced trauma.  In fact, some school environments retraumatized students and the level of trauma was intensified.  As a result, the trauma spread to her. In her pursuit to make the education system better and to bridge education and the law for education justice, she proceeded to attend law school.

However, after graduating from law school, Stacie noticed that it took too long to change policy and returned to the classroom for 8 more years. In 2018, she resigned from the teaching profession as she believes she can better serve students outside of the classroom by exposing the realities that occur inside schools through film. Stacie merged her teaching background and law school degree to make films focused on education issues. 

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Stacie McClam

Stacie graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, Howard University, and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.  She wants to be known as someone who is proactive about education justice and who told the truth about public education in the United States and offered solutions through filmmaking.  Stacie’s mission is for more students in urban areas to have a positive experience at school.