Stacie Speaks

Stacie’s experience has shaped her perspective.  She was bused to schools outside of her neighborhood in Los Angeles Unified School District and experienced and observed tracking at different levels.  Stacie worked in schools across the nation and taught abroad.

Teacher Trauma for Administrators:

The Reality of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Recognizing It’s Added Impact on Teachers
Although there is not enough research on how secondary traumatic stress impacts teachers, there are different studies of various sizes with percentages of teachers who have experienced teacher trauma ranging between 43-75%.  This was prior to the pandemic.  I help school administrators increase test scores by recognizing and understanding the signs of secondary traumatic stress.

I Didn’t Know There Was a Name for It: 

How Teachers Can Beat Teacher Trauma During the Pandemic

Imagine the challenges that teachers will face when schools reopen with new procedures and systems that everyone must adapt to.  I help teachers who are stressed due to virtual teaching and need guidance on how to respond to student trauma.  Learn about the less common types of self-care and gain understanding on secondary traumatic stress.

School Success:

Five Keys to Positive Urban Elementary School Culture

School should be a fun and engaging environment for students and teachers.  Unfortunately, many urban elementary schools are not.  Learn how to improve your elementary school culture to retain teachers, to increase test scores, and to create a positive school culture.
What makes stacie unique?

Stacie McClam

Stacie taught 1st grade through 4th grade, but mostly 1st grade. 

Stacie was an elementary teacher for 10 years.  

She taught in Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles County, Japan, and Kuwait. 

She has 3 different experiences of teaching after the school year began. This is important to note because the level of at-school trauma that her young students experienced was intensified.  As a result, she suffered from secondary traumatic stress and PTSD.  

Stacie taught for 2 years and then went to law school to pursue education justice.  After graduating from law school, she returned to the classroom for 8 more years.